Oppose dangerous federal legislation that would wipe out animal protection laws

Hundreds of important laws protecting animals, including those regulating factory farms and preventing the sale of dog meat, are in danger. HR 4879/HR 3599, sponsored by Representative Steve King (R-IA), would undo many of the legislative victories you've achieved for animal protection.

HR 4879/HR 3599, the so-called "States' Rights Elimination Act," strips states of their power to enact animal welfare laws protecting animals and consumers from food produced in unsafe conditions. It’s urgent that you speak out against this dangerous bill that would wipe out animal protection laws across the country.

A huge range of laws protecting farmed animals, puppy mill dogs, horses, and more are at stake, including:

  • State bans on the sale of dog meat and horse meat
  • California's landmark law banning the sale of foie gras, a cruel product produced by force-feeding young ducks and geese until their livers swell
  • Laws outlawing the use of battery cages that confine egg-laying hens to a space smaller than a piece of paper

Please take a few minutes to make a short, respectful phone call to your U.S. Representative and two U.S. Senators at (202) 224-3121. A sample message:

"I am _ (name of legislator)'s constituent. I am calling to ask you to oppose HR 4879/HR 3599, sponsored by Representative King, and instead support legislation that protects animals.”

To make sure your message is heard, click here to send a follow-up email message in support of states’ rights to protect animals and consumers.

Unique comments have more impact. So please take a few minutes and add a few sentences about why you care about protecting animals and consumer choice.


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